Wednesday, December 29, 2010



After several months of talking about it, I finally worked with Thomas and Nick to edit a collection of Hipstamatic photos for an Outside the Box photo page for today's paper. It's most likely our last photo page of the year, and I think it's a pretty sweet way to end it. Please check out Thomas' gallery here. Enjoy!


Erin said...

Hi! Just stumbled over here randomly because Google suggested I add your blog to my Reader. I just wanted to say that I love what your paper is doing with photo layouts and keeping things interesting and fresh. Gives me hope for the future of printed PJ because there are SO many papers who don't put the time and energy into it.

Nathan Morgan said...

Thanks Erin! Glad to know that you appreciate our work.

Mandolyn said...

Nathan, just wanted to say that you've got mad layout skills! Mad!

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