Tuesday, December 15, 2009



This morning I spent time with Royal Braley Jr. during his morning walk to a bakery near his apartment in Midland. Royal is physically challenged, so during the winter, this short walk from his home, becomes extremely difficult. He slipped several times, but it wasn't until we were back in front of his apartment building that he actually bit the dust. His biggest gripe is that the city, and local businesses do not do enough to keep pedestrians safe, which is why earlier this month, Royal, armed with a petition of nearly 300 signatures, went to Midland City Council and requested that a pedestrian bridge be built over one of the major intersections near his home. The city said the bridge would cost too much money, but they are currently addressing the situation, and plan to install new crosswalk signals that will give pedestrians 28 seconds to cross the street. However, this doesn't solve Braley's snow problem. I guess that will be his next battle.


Elizabeth said...

Very well written......you should be a journalist or something...

Nathan Morgan said...

Great idea! I'll look into that.

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