Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sanford & Sun

Sanford & Sun Two

Sanford & Sun One

Sanford & Sun Three

Sanford & Sun Four

This past weekend I photographed a triathlon in Sanford. So far this is one of the only assignments that I have had to repeat since I've been at the Daily News. I tried to approach it a little differently than I did last year, but I'm not sure that I succeed. It's going to be interesting to see how I will keep things fresh now that I'm starting to get some of the same assignments that I've had in the past. Wish me luck!


Erin said...

Hey. Stumbled across your blog one day, and figured I'd leave a comment on this one because I totally feel you.

As someone who shoots at a small newspaper, I've had a few repeat assignments in the year and few months I have been here. It's challenging, and approaching it differently than the previous year is what I have tried to do, as well.

Good luck! And keep on making such lovely images!

Nathan Morgan said...

Thanks Erin for your kind words. It's really great to know that at least a few of my peers are looking at my blog. I wish you luck in your job as well! Feel free to comment anytime.

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