Thursday, March 05, 2009


Car Wash

Dennis Casey

TOP: Ron Sexton watches from the driver's seat of his 2002 Toyota Highlander as Derrick Chapman dries his rearview mirror, Tuesday afternoon at Firehouse Soft Car Wash on Joe Mann Boulevard in Midland. During a recent trip to his cabin up north, Sexton's vehicle was covered in snow and ice, which he wanted to get cleaned off while the weather was nice in Midland. "If they had to rely on people like me, they'd be out of business," said Sexton, who typically visits the car wash only once a month.

BOTTOM: Since his retirement from Proctor & Gamble at age 54, Dennis Casey has been able to live off of the interest of his retirement fund, never touching the principal. But, between September and December of last year, that all changed. Casey lost nearly $130,000 of his investment. "If it gets any worse, I'll go back to work," said Casey, who will be turning 71 on March 17.

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